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Established in 2000,

thus it has been around for a long. They have since grown to be one of the most well-known betting exchanges around.

Despite intense rivalry from Betfair, Betdaq has succeeded in staying relevant in a highly cutthroat industry.

The innovative 2% commission rate is what makes Betdaq stand out. Additionally, they occasionally conduct specials with 0% commission.

In plain English, this indicates greater winning bet profits compared to Betfair.

The industry's most dependable and trustworthy technology is the foundation of Betdaq.

This means that their platform will be resilient to practically anything, regardless of the amount of wagering. As a result, even on Cheltenham's biggest days, putting your bets won't be a problem.

Even though Betdaq doesn't have as many markets and categories as Betfair, there are still thousands of markets available for wagering. You shouldn't have any issues at Betdaq unless you're looking for a particularly specific market.

On Betdaq, most markets have respectable liquidity. However, as the volume can occasionally be relatively low, you need to keep an eye out for less well-liked markets.

The second-largest betting exchange with around 7% market share in the UK, Betdaq was founded in 2000 by Dermot Desmond, a wealthy Irish businessman. Due to their superior financial support, Betdaq launched its platform charging 0% commission. This figure would rise 1% a month until it reached 5%.


After categories and markets, odds are likely the second most crucial component of a top betting exchange.

When compared to other exchanges and bookies, good value odds are what we're searching for here. Comparing betting exchanges to conventional sportsbooks, greater value odds should normally be available.

Betdaq exchange odds occasionally tend to be a little bit lower than those of their rivals. The price is strongly correlated with how well-liked an event is and how many bets are being placed.

Since Betdaq only has a 7% market share, there aren't as many bettors using the platform. The market odds are impacted by this.



A successful betting exchange must have plenty of liquidity, which influences odds and platform popularity. The term "liquidity" could be unfamiliar to some of you, so let me briefly explain.

A market's liquidity is the amount of money available for matching.

A betting exchange operates by giving its users a platform to place wagers against one another.

A wager requires the presence of two parties.

There are those trying to lay an outcome (picking a result to win) and those looking to back an outcome.

This is what we mean when we talk about liquidity, which is effectively the number of people waiting in line to place a wager. You won't be able to place a bet if no one is waiting. It is simpler to put bets the higher the liquidity. The best comparison is to think of a line of customers at a store. The shop benefits more from more traffic. Under the market price, liquidity is displayed. There is therefore £2,347 waiting to be matched in the case below.

Technology used by Betdaq

A betting exchange's quality is greatly influenced by its technological capabilities, and as we mentioned earlier in the review, Betdaq is the leading supplier of betting software.

Their technology is undoubtedly state-of-the-art and is utilized by numerous well-known companies. You may rely on Betdaq's extremely dependable platform every single day.

Additionally, we hire the necessary personnel to guarantee that any problems with their platform are quickly fixed.


At Betdaq, a wide variety of payment options is available.

You can deposit money into and withdraw it from your Betdaq account using a wide variety of payment methods. Of course, using an e-wallet option is the quickest and easiest methods. For both deposits and withdrawals Betdaq accepts e-wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay, MuchBetter.

With Betdaq bank transfers are also made easy and flexible, as both SEPA and SWIFT options are available!

For Crypto Transactions users, Betdaq accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, most reputable of which being BTC, USDT, ETH and LTC.

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Extras & Specials

Betdaq uses the resources and the technology needed to provide ultimate betting experience, so that every bettor finds exciting and unique features.

The platform supports Live Streaming, opening the door for live betting players to watch events from numerous markets, seven days a week, and bet on the same page.

Betdaq is one of the scarce betting exchanges worldwide to offer the Lay option on Horse Racing!

Horse Racing players can bet on their favorite choices with straight and multihorse bets (up to 4 horses at once!), customizing thus their own experience and finding the best approach to suite their betting preferences and improve their winnings.

Free accessibility with no VPN needed is what makes betting with Betdaq platform extra special! Players from every corner of the globe can immerse in the action and live a seamless betting experience. 

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Safety & Licenses - Is Betdaq safe?

Betdaq is licensed in the UK and Alderney by the British Gambling Commission. Betdaq is also a member of the same group of businesses and its license is in accordance with the license held by Ladbrokes, one of the biggest bookmakers in the international betting industry. Additionally, Betdaq is authorized by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.